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Proffesional Hacking Services

For all hacking related stuffs, We provide a variety of different services, such as social media accoutn hacks, mobile phone and pc hacking, and so much more you can think of

Email Hack

We can recover your lost or stolen email account, we can also clone any email address for you. Contact us to know more


Social Media Hack

We can retrive your hacked or lost social medial accounts for you, we can also eavesdrop on any social media account for you and much more, contact us to know more



We can create a special monitor or window for you to view any cctv camera you want, we can remotely delete and edit footage stored from a cctv camera, contact us to know


Iphone Hack

We can remotely unlock any model of iphone, we can crack an icloud account, we can jail break your iphone, we can install spy software to monitor the activities of any iphone, etc. Contact us to know more


Andriod Hack

We can remotely unlock any andriod phone, we can root any andriod device remotely, we can install spy software to monitor the activities of any andriod phone, and so much more. Contact us to know more


Pc/Mack Hack

We can hack into any computer system, server, website etc we can remotely monitor the activities of any computer system, contact us to know more


Crypto currency hack

we can recover lost bitcoin accounts, forgoten passwords, etc. Contact us to know more


GPS/Location Tracking

We can track someone live location using just their phone numbers or social media accounts, contact us to know more


Special Request

We can do so much more than what is listed on this page, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem you are interested in solving. Contact us to know more


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Tianna Banks

Someone got accessed to my bitcoin account details, and locked me out, it only took three days to retrieve it for me. Thanks alot

Paul Fringe

I forgot the password to my email and facebook account, and a friend recommended cyberspyzie to me. I was very skeptical at first, they convinced me to give it a try. Not only were they able to retrieve my accounts for me, they showed me how to secure it.

Angelique Adrian

I was gifted an iphone with a locked icloud account, I stumbled upon ur your posts on social media, gave it a try, and now I can access the iphone. keep doing the good works.

Salah Mosiq

I have always wanted a way to monitor my kids movement, i have tried so many services online with mixed results until i found cyberspyzie. Now I can pick up my phone and see exactly where my kids are at any time of the day.

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