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About Us

We are a ICT proffesionals with over 15 years experience, we started this company because of the urgent needs of people all around us, imagine you have your life savinggs in a bitcoin account and you forgot your password or passphrase. So many people have found theirself in similar situations without knowing what to do to, thats where we come in.

What We Do

We are professional hackers who do hacking related services for our customer. Our skills are among the best in this industry, and all our projects are completed within a very short time. We provide lots of hacking services for clients, some of the things we do are hacking of mobile phones (andriod and Iphone) remotely, We recover lost or stolen crpto wallets, Gps/location tracking, email and social media cloning, recovery of any lost username and passeword, and so much more

Why Choose Us

96% Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for us. 96% of our clients reorder our services.

100% Secure

We work in stealth mode. Your identity and information is well protected. All records relating to previous work is distroyed after completion

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We proudly serve thousands of users in 190+ countries since 2010.

24/7 Customer Service

We care about our clients. Our knowledgeable representatives is here to help 24/7/365

we've been expecting you

At our core is a collection of computer programmers and network administrators that offer solutions that represent everything you will need to accomplish your goals

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Tianna Banks

Someone got accessed to my bitcoin account details, and locked me out, it only took three days to retrieve it for me. Thanks alot

Paul Fringe

I forgot the password to my email and facebook account, and a friend recommended cyberspyzie to me. I was very skeptical at first, they convinced me to give it a try. Not only were they able to retrieve my accounts for me, they showed me how to secure it.

Angelique Adrian

I was gifted an iphone with a locked icloud account, I stumbled upon ur your posts on social media, gave it a try, and now I can access the iphone. keep doing the good works.

Salah Mosiq

I have always wanted a way to monitor my kids movement, i have tried so many services online with mixed results until i found cyberspyzie. Now I can pick up my phone and see exactly where my kids are at any time of the day.

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